During this stressful time, relax and let the professionals at OMD Investigations work for you. No matter what your needs are our experienced and compassionate private investigators will get the job done. We provide all the following services:

Civil—divorce, child custody or retrieval, worker’s compensation or social security disability, background checks, process service, and surveillance of all types that meets your particular need.

Criminal—Fraud (internet, identity, and insurance), internal thefts, robberies, larceny, and any other crimes conducted against property or persons.

Defense—if you or your attorney is in need of services to help in your criminal defense.

OMD Investigations can assist in gathering information surrounding your case to proving your innocence or help in your defense. OMD Investigations takes pride in providing quality service, maintaining the strictest confidentiality. We hold our staff to the highest integrity ensuring our clients they will receive unparalleled investigative services. We treat each case different because we recognize that each client is different and each case comes with its own unique problems.