Background Checks

OMD Investigations provide background checks for businesses, debt collection companies, law enforcement, or other needs (such as deadbeat dad, nannies, consumers, etc.). OMD Investigations help provide its clients with the insight needed to safeguard their assets or transactions, help them gain reduce the potential of risk and establish trust, or locate individuals who think they can hide.

The background checks that OMD Investigations provide are of top quality and they offer services Nationwide. Most checks can be completed in 24 hour (except over weekends and holidays). National Checks can take up to 72 Business Hours (except weekends and holidays) to complete. Once completed we will take due diligent in contact you with the results. The background check includes Criminal Checks (Convictions only and any pending charges).

To receive the back ground check you will need to provide information about the person. The following information is needed and helpful: the person’s full name, social security number, date of birth, and any address with in the last five years.